Nursing care services as a market opportunity

Numerous smaller operators with fewer than five homes will experience economic difficulties in the future. This particularly affects family businesses, which have to make succession arrangements in the short or medium term. Besides, some of these operators operate in outdated and no longer appropriate properties.

Nevertheless, there is often considerable market potential (an increasing demand for care) present at those locations, so that the structures described represent a promising basis for structural and business-related renovations.

This is where SGI Health Care AG’s Golden Age Operator concept comes in.

SGI Health Care AG’s participation concept bundles the potential of smaller operating companies. These companies often provide excellent health care services but do not have the economic capacity to survive in the operator market, which will grow further in the future.

By concentrating operators under the umbrella of the operator holding Golden Age Operator, there is the possibility of combining and optimizing central areas such as purchasing, administration, negotiations with authorities, and personnel acquisition.


The operator market for care will experience further dynamism and consolidation in the future due to economic and legal changes. Institutionalization of this branch is necessary to be able to meet future challenges in the market optimally.

The operator market in Germany is very fragmented compared to that in other European countries. Numerous takeovers in the past have not fundamentally changed this, as they almost exclusively affected the larger operating companies. Even after a wave of mergers and acquisitions in recent years, the 20 largest operators’ share is only 18 % of the total market.

Quelle: CARE Invest; Victor’s Group